For any orders we are available to discuss inquiries about Quantity, Shipping & Payments.

Minimum 5kg of goods order deliveries inside the Veneto Region are made within 8 Business Days.

Delivery prices to Italy and abroad vary depending on the Quantity and Value of Goods:

from 8 to 20€ for 2Kg

from 10 to 25€ for 20Kg

from 15 to 30€ for 30Kg

from 25 to 50€ for 50Kg


Deliveries all Over the World have variable prices according to Quantities, Goods Values and Destination:

from 10€ for 2Kg

from 30€ for 5Kg

from 50€ for 15Kg

from 65€ for 30Kg

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.